velscopeThe VELscope® System is a revolutionary hand-held device for early screening and detection of oral cancer.

The U.S. Surgeon General recommends annual oral cancer screening, as the incidence of oral cancer is 2 times the rate of skin cancer, and 3 times that of Velscopecervical cancer. Non-traditional risk groups such as women under 40 and non-smokers are seeing an increase in oral cancer.

The VELscope® System patented technology platform was developed by the British Columbia Cancer Agency in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center, with funding provided in part by the NIH.

The VELscope® System is the only adjunctive device cleared by the FDA and Health Canada to help discover oral mucosal lesions that might not be apparent or visible to the naked eye and to help surgeons determine the appropriate surgical margin for tumor excision.

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